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We are seeking dedicated individuals to join our team as Driver Education Instructors. As a Driver Education Instructor, you will play a vital role in teaching safe driving practices to new drivers and helping them develop the skills needed to become responsible drivers.

Teen Instructors 

  • Must be currently licensed/certified through the State of Michigan to instruct teens.


Adult Instructors 

  • Must possess a good driving record 
  • Able to pass background check/screening 


  1. Classroom Instruction: Conduct classroom sessions to educate students about traffic laws, rules of the road, and safe driving practices.

  2. Behind-the-Wheel Training: Provide hands-on driving instruction to students, teaching them essential driving skills and techniques.

  3. Safety Emphasis: Emphasize the importance of defensive driving, awareness, and responsible behavior on the road.

  4. Rules and Regulations: Ensure students understand and follow local, state, and federal driving laws and regulations.

  5. Feedback and Evaluation: Provide constructive feedback to students on their driving performance, helping them improve.

  6. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of student progress and attendance.